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Creation and maintenance of coordinate-time and navigation support Ukraine with the use of global navigation satellite systems
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:55

The purpose of the methodology and criteria for assessing the quality of the navigation software on signals of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and their differential functional amendments in Ukraine for monitoring and forecasting service quality system of coordinate-time and navigation support Ukraine (SCNSU) and the development of a comprehensive plan certification SCNSU accordance with national and international standards.

The main results of the work.

Based on the analysis of the European experience explored ways and presented proposals for a system of monitoring and certification specifications and quality control of satellite navigation and precision coordinate-time software, a description of proven internationally evaluation criteria / quality control navigational support. The method of criteria / quality control navigation support on GNSS signals and their differential functional additions, including SCNSU on the territory of Ukraine. Presented propositions to build a system for monitoring and testing of quality control procedures for navigation support on GNSS signals using SCNSU in Ukraine. The following examples of experimental testing methods quality and criteria of navigation service SCNSU in the interests of its certification and certification in the use of specialized software. Completed study and drafting a comprehensive plan certification SCNSU.

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