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Future prospects EGNOS and GNSS technologies in Ukraine
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 13:50

September 27, 2012 in the V World Aviation Congress "Aviation in the XXI century" round table "Future prospects EGNOS and GNSS technologies in Ukraine". It brought together participants from different countries to discuss issues, share information and better understanding among organizations working in the field of GNSS.

The round table was organized by the National Aviation University in cooperation with the Italian company Valdani Vicari & Associati S.r.l.

Among the participants were presented the following foreign organizations: RSOE - National Association of Radio Voice Evacuation and infocommunications (Hungary), the company CLAAS Agrosystems (Germany), the Academy of Civil Aviation (Kazakhstan) ) and Minsk State Higher Aviation College (Belarus).

Ukraine was represented by the State Space Agency, Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements, CRI "Navigation and Control," the company System Solutions and more.

The round table was opened by Vice-Rector of the National Aviation University V. P. Kharchenko, he wished the good mood and fruitful work.

After that was presented:

  • Report Monica Pesce (representative of VVA, Italy) "EGNOS in Ukraine: Project outcomes and the next steps Assessment on a possible extension of EGNOS coverage to Ukraine"
  • Report Monica Pesce (representative of VVA, Italy) "GNSS IN AGRICULTURE. A market and technological assessment on North America, EU, Australia and Brazil"
  • Report Vadim Kushnir (representative of CLAAS Agrosystems, Germany) "Union flagships Galileo (EGNOS) and GMES Benefits for farmers and people of Europe"
  • Report Gergel Meso (representative associations RSOE, Hungary) "GNSS in Danube Navigation"
  • Report by Alex Zhalilo (representative MAO NASU, Ukraine) "FP7 Project EEGS2 "EGNOS Extension to Eastern Europe: Applications" (2012-2013). KhNURE and MAO NASU current activity"
  • Report Vladimir Babchenko (representative of Systems Solutions, Germany) "Network GNSS base stations System.NET: Benefits, services, prospects"
  • Report Vasily Kondratyuk (Director Aerospace Center at the National Aviation University, Ukraine) "Opportunities training at the Aerospace Center and Department of ANS National Aviation University"
  • Report Valery Konin (ANS professor of National Aviation University, Ukraine) "Space technology in aviation university"
  • Report Shishkov Fedor (ANS student chair of the National Aviation University, Ukraine) "Research of EGNOS reliability in Kiev"
  • Report Anatolia Tsulaia (representative CRI NC, Ukraine) "Central Research Institute of Navigation and Control"
  • Report Alexander Yakovchenko (representative Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements, Ukraine) "System coordinate time of Ukraine"
  • Report Spartak Dobrovolsky (representative of the National Aviation University, Ukraine) "Science Park Akit"

It should be noted that the atmosphere was friendly Roundtable participants actively debated when discussing current issues in GNSS technology.

During the debates and discussions were allocated a number of priorities in the use of GNSS technologies in Ukraine. Participants agreed that more actively detect the position of Ukrainian GNSS user about their willingness and ability EGNOS service extension to Ukraine.