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PBN implementation Workshop
Wednesday, 15 April 2015 21:44


You are welcome to take part in the PBN implementation Workshop which will be held at the National Aviation University on April 29, 2015 as a special session of the Twelfth International Conference of Science and Technology “AVIA-2015″. Place and time: NAU, build. 1, 3-rd floor – meeting room; registration of the participants 8.30 – 9.00, workshop 9.00 – 17.00). The official languages are English, Ukrainian and Russian.


EGNOS and PBN implementation workshop aims to support Ukraine towards the implementation of EGNSS enabled operations in the civil aviation sector, in particular enhanced by EGNOS. PildoLabs has a wide expertise on the operational implementation of EGNOS operations, being involved in those kinds of activities since the initial steps (e.g. Pildo was leading Eurocontrol TEN-T Mielec project).

Preliminary Agenda of the Workshop:

GNSS Systems for aviation - Mercedes Reche (PildoLabs, Spain)

Introduction to PBN - Ramon Sole (PildoLabs, Spain)

Flight Validation of PBN procedures - Mercedes Reche & Ramon Solé

Implementation example - Ramón Solé

UKRAINE Project presentation and interim results - Mercedes Reche

Ukrainian PBN implementation plan – Pavlo Kud' (UKSATSE, Ukraine)

Experience of NAU in investigation and application of GNSS technologies in Ukraine – Svitlana Ilnytska (NAU, Ukraine)

Next steps & Open discussion - Pildo, UKSATSE, SAA, NAU and other participants.