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Research and development of hardware and software user to communicate with the center of the data processing
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:52

Purpose: development and experimental testing of hardware and software based on GPS receiver, enabling the accumulation of single GPS / GNSS and their transfer from the consumer's center observations.

The main results of the work.

The developed hardware and software based on GPS-receiver, providing GPS data accumulation and exchange between the users and the processing center observations:

  • data transmission (GPS / GNSS observations) the user at the center of the automated processing of information-measuring system using GNSS for mobile communication GSM/GPRS;
  • receiving and decoding messages in a format NTRIP, highlight ingrelevant DGPS/RTK adjustment sin RTCM 2.3 format and implementation of a differential mode definitions in the equipment user.

Геодезична апаратура споживача

 Geodesic apparatus of consumer

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